Company & Factory

SHENZHEN COLMI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established in 2012. The office area is more than 500m², and there are nearly 40 management and sales personnel. The factory covers an area of 4,000m² and employs about 200 people,including 5 production lines and 2 packaging lines. On average, a production line can produce 3,500 units per day, and a total of 15,000 units can be produced per day. Strict requirements on product quality. Comprehensive product testing including (waterproof test, pressure holding test, high and low temperature test, drop, button hit life test, plugging, capacity separation, wear-resistant paper bag, salt spray, hand sweat, etc.)



We focus on the research and development of smart watch. The R&D expenses will account for more than 10% of the annual revenue. New products are launched every season, and we also have a customized service.

Core Values


At COLMi, we truly want to put out our best product possible. We want to make products that always deliver on their promise of improving peopleʼs lives. Just because weʼre more affordable, doesnʼt mean we should cut corners. We want to do everything the right way. This means being transparent, delivering on our promises with our partners, adhering to the strictest standards of quality design and assembly, and sticking with the job until itʼs done.


At COLMi we conduct our actions with a mindset for efficiency. Starting with our customerʼs and partnerʼs needs, we are quick to implement improvements in our next products when receiving feedback. With our manufacturing, design and UI, every process and detail is carried out with the mindset of making things easier, simpler and more accessible for everyone.


Never content to settle, weʼre always searching for new ways to do things better. This mindset guides our business at every level, from our management, to our factory environment, down to our product design and assembly, as we strive to continue improving peopleʼs lives.

Win-win Mindset

When we say we want to improve peopleʼs lives through our products we mean it. Weʼre not just in this for our own benefit. Yes, while we do want success for our own business, we also genuinely want to do right by our partners and customers. By creating a business model that is mutually beneficial to all, everyone can be satisfied, thrive and continue growing together.