P68 Smartwatch 2.04″ AMOLED Display 100 Sports Modes Always On Display Smart Watch

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P68 Basic specifications 

Flash  RAM256KB ROM64Mb
Bluetooth  5.2
Screen  AMOLED 2.04 inches 
Resolution  368x448 pixel
Battery  250mAh
Waterproof level  IP67
APP  “Da Fit”
P68 smartwatch amoled touch smart watch

P68 A New Classic Essential
2.04"AMOLED Screen | All-round Health and Fitness Tracking | AOD | Ultra-long Battery Life | Bluetooth Calling
Always-on DisplayConfident Time Control.

As well as all of the cool features, the P68 is astellar watch which allowsyou to control your time withconfidence.
The Always-On Display enables you toviewthe time even when the watch's other features areinactive, keeping you aware of every important momentin your life, and dozens of matching Always-on Display patterns are available to choose from.
For addedconvenience and to save battery power, you can turnoff the screen by simply resting your arm or covering the screen.

24-hour Heart Rate Monitoring Stay Safe with Abnormal Heart Rate Alerts

The P68 covers heart rate zones and provideswarnings when yourresting heart rate is abnormally elevated, keeping you aware of the exercise effect and reducing exercise risks.
2.04"HD Color AMOLED Display. A Work of Art on Your Wrist.

The large AMOLED high-definition screen with 368*448 ppipixel density is clearand vivid, whether displaying the time or any of your favorite apps.
Our watchface storeprovides dozens of different styles of watch faces for youto choosefrom and switch between.
You can also edit thewidgets to easily access theinformation you care about, or upload your favorite pictures to the watch facebackground to make your P68 a unique masterpiece of change and creativity.

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Blood-oxygen Saturation Measurement Comprehensive Health Understanding.

Blood-oxygen saturation is one of the most importantfactors of human health, so the P68 has added theblood-oxygen saturation measurementfunction to keepyou on top of your health.
When engaged in long-termmentalwork,or physical activity such as participating inmarathons or high-intensityoutdoor sports, measureyour blood-oxygen level if you feel uncomfortable to keep your health firmly in your hands.
PAl Health Assessment System One Score to Summarize Your Physical State.

PAl(Personal Activity Intelligence) is a healthassessment system that usesalgorithms to convertcomplex data such as heart rate, activity durationandother health data into a single, intuitive score, for usersto easilyunderstand their physical state.
This featurecovers any form of exercise atany time and in any place,and also personalizes the health assessment system for each user based on their health data.

Sleep Quality Monitoring for Optimal Performance. Analyze Sleep Stages and Naps.

A good night's sleep is a top priority in the modern world. Therefore, the P68 supports in-depth 'sleepmonitoring, which can more accuratelydetermine the sleep stage ,monitor the sleep breathing condition, andprovidequality analysis and suggestions for improvement based ona nightof sleep.The watch also recognizes daytime naps in order to record more complete sleep information.
lP67 Waterproof
lt is only for waterproofing in life, similar to washing hands or showering
*lt is recommended not to wear swimming or bathing.

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