Hi33 Smartwatch Sports Waterproof Bluetooth Call Smart Watch

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This product is a smart watch Model Hi33


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Hi33 Basic specifications 

Flash  RAM 578KB ROM 128Mb
Bluetooth  5.2
Screen  IPS 1.96 inches 
Resolution  320x380 pixel
Battery  250mAh
Waterproof level  IP67
APP  “Da Fit”



Hi33: The Smartwatch That Does It All
Hi33 is a smartwatch that combines style, functionality, and performance. It has a 1.96-inch high-definition color screen with a resolution of 320*380, which is larger and clearer than most watches. It has a stunning all-weather display with a peak brightness of 2000 nits, which is twice as bright as any other watch. You can easily read the screen even under direct sunlight. The larger screen space allows you to see more health indicators and rich dial details.

Stay Connected with Hi33
Hi33 lets you make and receive phone calls with ease. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you can answer or reject calls, and check your call history on the watch. It has a new Bluetooth calling chip that is 45% faster than the previous generation, and the Bluetooth connection distance between the watch and the phone can be more than 33 meters.

Customize Your Hi33
Hi33 has a variety of preset dials, as well as many IP cooperation dials. The dial store has hundreds of styles to suit different user preferences. You can also upload photos from your phone and customize your own dial. You can wear your favorite photos on your wrist and see them whenever you want.


Choose Your Theme
Hi33 has eight different menu themes to choose from, such as list view, honeycomb view, parallel line view, etc. You can find the theme that suits your needs for different scenarios.

Track Your Running Data
Hi33 has a high-precision dynamic sensor that provides real-time running data. You can analyze your data and achieve your training goals more easily.

Relax and Sleep Better
Hi33 helps you reduce stress and improve your sleep quality. It guides you to practice controlled deep breathing exercises, which can help you eliminate fatigue, regulate your nervous system, and make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Check the Weather Forecast
Hi33 syncs with the local weather information all day long. It shows you the current weather and the forecast for the next week.

Challenge Yourself with Multiple Sports Modes
Hi33 supports 123 sports modes, such as running, cycling, sailing, climbing, hiking, pilates, skiing, paddle boarding, rock climbing, etc. It records your sports data and body data throughout the process, and meets your different sports needs.


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