L10 Smartwatch 1.4″ HD Screen Bluetooth Calling 100 Sport Models Smart Watch

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(1) Fashionable and thin: L10 is thin and light with exquisite design, a fashionable item for female users.

(2) High-definition screen: L10 has a 1.39-inch high-definition screen with a bezel-less full-screen, full-screen touch, and a clear view.

(3) Women’s health: L10 supports monitoring women’s health, understanding women’s menstruation and other conditions, and realizing warm guarding.

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L10 Basic specifications 

Flash  RAM578KB ROM128Mb
Bluetooth  5.0
Screen  IPS 1.4 inch 
Resolution  360x360 pixel
Battery  225mAh
Waterproof level  IP67
APP  “FitCloudPro”

Suitable for mobile phones with Android 4.4 or higher, or iOS 8.0 or higher.


L10: A Smartwatch for Women Only

With the development of technology, smart watches have become a must-have accessory for fashion and health. Whether for work or life, smartwatches can provide us with convenient and practical functions. However, most of the smartwatches on the market are masculine in design and lack the beauty and temperament of women. In order to meet the needs of female users, has launched a smartwatch specifically for women - L10.


L10: simple, thin and delicate

L10 is a women-only smartwatch with a simple, thin and delicate style that can highlight women's fashion charm. the case of L10 is made of zinc alloy, with two options of silicone and metal straps, and three colors: black, silver and pink, which can be matched according to personal preferences and occasions. the size of  L10 is 39.5mm and weighs only 40g, making it very comfortable to wear.


L10 (2)
L10 (4)

The screen of L10 is one of its highlights. It has a 1.4-inch IPS touch screen with a resolution of up to 360*360 pixels and a clear and delicate display. The screen is made of 2.5D curved glass, with extremely narrow bezels for a more open visual effect. The screen also supports a variety of dial switching, so you can change different styles and themes at will.


L10: Bluetooth calling, heart rate monitoring, sports mode and many other functions

In addition to the design, L10 also has a variety of practical functions. First of all, it supports Bluetooth calling function, so you can answer or make calls directly through the watch without taking out your phone, which is very convenient. Secondly, it has a 24-hour heart rate monitoring function, which can detect heart rate changes in real time and display the data on the watch or cell phone. In addition, it also supports blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, and women's health monitoring, which can help users understand their physical condition and give reasonable advice.


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